Mrs. Mason

Book Break Club

The high school Book Break club was formed in October, 2010 by library student teacher, Elizabeth Underwood. From a informal group that met during activity period to discuss books, the group has now established itself as a club.

Members recommend the following books:

Look at what you can find at

• SYNC is an online community that seeks to build the audience for audiobooks among readers 13 and up.
• Each week, SYNC will give away 2 FREE downloads--a popular Young Adult title paired with a Classic title that appears on Summer Reading lists--starting July 1 through September 1, 2010.
• SYNC is hosted by Audiobook Community, a new social networking site for the discovery of audiobooks.
• Listeners can choose to join a conversation about these titles with authors, narrators, publishers, librarians, and other listeners. (Listeners are not required to join Audiobook Community to follow the conversation on SYNC nor to download FREE titles from SYNC.)

Comics in the Classroom

Here are some resources to help you get started with reading comics in the classroom.

Sticky Burr - There's nothing "funner" than inviting Sticky Burr into your classroom. Watch as your children become enthusiastic performers of this online comic, and be careful if you read the books--the excitement is contagious!

ToonBooks - leveled stories for the emergent reader, teacher guides, comic maker, online reader but books can also be purchased

Rabbit and Bear Paws - "Adventures of Rabbit and Bear Paws is for the young and the young at heart. This series is set in 1750’s colonized North America and features the comical adventures of two brothers, Rabbit and Bear Paws. Using Traditional Native Teachings and humour, the stories are based on THE SEVEN FIRES PROPHECIES and THE SEVEN GRANDFATHERS." (from the Rabbit and Bear Paws site.)

Classical Comics - includes Shakespeare (books to purchase)

The Comic Connections

How can you connect to those who are making, using, and loving comics?

MakeBeliefsComix -
Sticky Burr -
Sticky Burr Author, John Lechner -!/johnlechner
Free Comic Book Day -!/freecomicbook
ToonBooks -!/toonbooks
Comic Book Literacy -!/CBLiteracy
Jarrett Krosoczka (author, illustrator)!/studiojjk
Grammarman on Facebook:!/profile.php?id=1514335778

Session Outline:
  1. Starter Kit (what to buy and what not to buy)
    1. What to buy
    2. What NOT to buy
  2. How to setup your kindles (sync/name/etc)
  3. Turning off 1-click buy
  4. How to download books on your computer
  5. Purchasing Books
    1. Fiction vs Nonfiction
  6. Adding collections, organizing books, and then syncing to save you time
  7. Teaching kids how to use the Kindle
  8. Troubleshooting and my experience with Amazon

The Unquiet Library - Buffy

Joyce Valenza's Library