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Kim Cofino is a "sharing' educator. Enjoy her student guidelines.

Larry Ferlazzo is known for his Best of...website. He is prolific and shares readily.

Silvia has created a complete unit for blogging. Enjoy her work!

This site has several links to rubrics. Some of the links may not be "live" but the site is worth a visit.

Blogging as Journal Rubric
The attached doc can be found on Andrew Churches' site. Andrew is extremely passionate about learning. He is from New Zealand, so some of the spelling will be different. It is one of my favorite sites...so much to explore, use, and learn.

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How does a teacher assess a student blog assignment?

Read the blogs below for suggestions.

Blogs for education

Heather Wax, CFF Coach from Lancaster offers these tips for teachers using Blogger:
  1. To have your students use blogger, first ask yourself this question:
  2. Will the blog be AUTHORED by students, or will it only be COMMENTED on by students?
  3. If the blog is to be authored by students, then they must use an email account to register.
  4. If, however, the blog will only be COMMENTED on by students, then you simply go into Settings->Comments-> Click "EVERYONE" under the "WHO CAN COMMENT field"
Students then can comment by choosing the Name/URL option when they go to leave a comment. They type nothing in the URL field, but put their name in the name field, and they do not need to have an email address to do this.
Set the comments to Moderate: ALWAYS and then the teacher can screen for anonymous or unwanted comments from weirdos, and voila, no emails necessary.

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